How Stress Affects Your Body

You should be aware of how stress affects your body. It is not only a good way to motivate you to destress from time to time. It will also make you aware of the signs that will tell you if you are already going through high levels of stress in your life.

How stress can affect your body positively

Most of the time, people perceive stress as something negative. The truth is, there are positive effects that are oftentimes overshadowed by the bad ones.

So what are the good effects of stress?

Stress is actually a burst of energy that can serve as an effective protection for your body. When you are faced with danger or a threat, this feeling puts your body in a “fight” or “flight” mode. You can call it a warning system that will keep you from making mistakes or putting yourself in danger.

When you are stressed, your body releases chemicals like norepinephrine, cortisol, and epinephrine. These chemicals increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Not only that, it heightens your senses.

A good dose of stress will help your body meet the challenges that you have to face as you try to reach your goals. This fuels your adrenaline to help you work hard enough to complete the tasks that need your attention. That means stress can also be an effective way to make you work efficiently. It can also give your memory a boost.

Of course, stress is only good if it comes in small doses. When you have a huge dose, that is when it becomes dangerous – specifically for your health.

Different ways stress can affect your body negatively

Now that we know how stress affects your body positively, let us discuss how it can affect it negatively. There are different areas that stress can influence in a bad way.

Your body

When stress starts to affect your body, you need to act quickly. If not, you might end up dealing with more serious issues. Among the effects of stress includes headaches, chest pains, muscle tensions, fatigue, stomach problems, and even sleeping disorders. This can also affect your sex drive.

Your mood

When it comes to how stress affects your body, the effect on your mood is one thing that might be more obvious. At least, it will be obvious to people who are around you. The effects included in this list are restlessness, anxiety, irritability, anger, depression, and sadness. If you are not good at hiding your feelings, people will notice the change in you. Stress can also make you feel overwhelmed and will also make you lose focus.

Your behaviour

As stress starts to affect your behaviour, this can ruin your relationships. First of all, stress can make you angry all the time. Not just angry – but you will be prone to outbursts. You will probably withdraw from social activities as well – especially if you are feeling fatigue. You are also more prone to alcohol or even drug abuse. Some people also smoke more when they are stressed. Your eating habits will also suffer. Most of these behaviours will turn you into bad company. That being said, you know that this effect will put a strain on your relationships.

Now that you know how stress affects your body, you need to make sure that it will not endanger your health or jeopardise your relationships. Just give yourself some time to breathe and relax. You deserve to give yourself a break from your stressful situation.